How do I get matched with those I want to meet?
Once registered for the conference, complete the "FAST PITCH" Profile form below to showcase your company’s products and services. All profiles will be provided to the Sourcing departments of the participating companies for their use. The companies will request the "Fast Pitch" matches based on their business needs and scheduled time availability. We will contact you by email the week prior to the 2018 USPAACC-SE BUSINESS SUMMIT to give you your matches.

What happens in a "Fast Pitch" appointment?
A quick exchange of background information and sharing each party’s business needs. Most importantly, "Fast Pitch" allows you to share your capabilities with sourcing professionals, and for these individuals to find potential suppliers. While the occasional deal is made in speed networking sessions, the majority of appointments serve to start relationships that may lead to mutually beneficial business deals in the future.

How should I prepare for the "Fast Pitch" session?
USPAACC-SE clients often ask about how to best present themselves to sourcing/procurement professionals and small business specialists. We consistently advise that there are four key ingredients to making a favorable impression:
1. Familiarize yourself with the particular agency you are targeting.
2. Be prepared to deliver a concise “elevator speech” (a 30-second description of your expertise).
3. Present a business card which displays your NAICS code and product offering.
4. Have a concise “Capabilities Statement” with strong past performance, your products, and a list of customers.

Next Step: COMPLETE “Fast Pitch” PROFILE - Fill out your company profile when you register for the Summit. We’ll share the profiles with the buyers and they will select whom they wish to meet. We’ll get your schedule back to you the week before the conference.

To present the most comprehensive picture of your company’s capabilities and services, please share as much information as you can to help us match suppliers with appropriate companies. "Fast Pitch" profiles will be provided to all of the participating companies for future reference, and will be available to all registered attendees to help build connections.